AK Khurana Opthalmology

The Comprehensive Ophthalmology is primarily meant for the needs of undergraduate medical students. Text is complete and up-to-date with recent advances. To be true, some part of the text is in more detail than the requirement of undergraduate students. But this very feature of the book makes it a useful handbook for the postgraduate students as well. Text is illustrated with plenty of diagrams, comprising clinical photographs and clear-line diagrams which provide vivid and lucid details. Operative steps of important surgical techniques have been given in the relevant chapters. Wherever possible, important information has been given in the form of tables and flow charts. This book has been organized into six sections, including Anatomy and Physiology of Eye, Optics and Refraction, Diseases of Eye, Ocular Therapeutics, Systemic and Community Ophthalmology and Practical Ophthalmology.


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