All About the Human Body Immune System and Some About the Human Female Reproductive System

In this article, we will. discuss the immune system of our human body and human female reproductive system.

Immune System of Human Body

The human body’s immune system is our body’s best defense system. It can fight off infringing microorganisms and keep us healthy. Immunology is a branch of biology that studies the complex body functions of the immune system. The ability to deal with antigens or pathogens and maintain health is called immunity. The immune system is composed of cells, tissues, and organs, which together protect our body. The system protects the human body from invading pathogens in many ways.


1. Innate Immunity

Innate immunity is defined as the type of non-specific defense that exists at birth and provides different types of barriers for foreign substances to enter the body. It has four types of barriers:

  1. Physical barrier: skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, and urogenital tract lined with a mucous coating of epithelium.
  2. Physiological disorders: stomach acid, saliva.
  3. Cell barrier: white blood cells, neutrophils, monocytes.
  4. Cytokine barrier: Cells infected by the virus secrete a protein called interferon.

2. Acquired Immunity

Acquired immunity or adaptive immunity is the immunity that our body acquires or acquires over time. Unlike innate immunity, this is not there from birth.

The ability of the immune system to fight disease-causing microorganisms to generate pathogen-specific immunity is called acquired immunity or adaptive immunity. An individual gets this immunity after birth, hence is called the acquired immunity. Acquired immunity is of two kinds 

Active Immunity

  1. Active immunity involves a direct response to foreign antigens in the body. In the case of an acquired or adaptive immune system, the body remembers pathogens it has faced in the past. This is the active immune system’s direct result.
  2. Active immunity occurs when we are exposed to pathogens or their antigens.
  3. Antigens stands for antibody generator. It is with the help of the antigen released by the pathogen that our body can deal with the pathogen.

Passive Immunity

  1. Passive immunity includes the immune response of antibodies obtained from outside the body. The body’s main reaction to the pathogen it encounters for the first time is quite weak, so the first encounter is always a bit harsh for the body.
  2. Passive immunity is generated immediately, and our body can start attacking pathogens immediately.

Immune System

  1. The immune system is composed of cells, tissues, and organs, which together protect our body. This system defends the human body from pathogens that trespass in numerous ways.
  2. The most important cells in the immune system are white blood cells (or white blood cells), which participate in the destruction of organisms or substances that cause diseases.
  3. Lymphatic organs, tissues, and protein molecular antibodies also participate in the defense system.

The Human Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system mainly includes two parts. The uterus carries the developing fetus which produces uterine and vaginal secretions. This passes the male sperm through the fallopian tubes. The ovary produces anatomically female egg cells. 

Anatomy of Human Female Reproductive System

  1. The main sexual organs of women are the ovaries located in the pelvic area, as well as the uterus, cervix, vagina, a pair of fallopian tubes, and external genitalia.
  2. The mammary gland is also integrated into this system in terms of function and structure to support the process of ovulation, fertilization, pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare.
  3. The breast is a paired structure containing glandular tissue and variable fat. Each gland tissue contains 15-20 breast lobules, which contain milk-secreting alveoli. The mammary ducts converge to form the ampulla of the breast.


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