Bedside Clinics in Medicine

Bedside Clinics in Medicine, 5th  Edition by dr. Arup kumar kundu ebook PDF  gives me immense pleasure to upgrade previous edition of the book in a new get-up.

The overwhelming success of the previous editions has encouraged me to bring out the
present thoroughly revised new edition. Most of the chapters have been rewritten and
signifantly revised maintaining the style and old tradition intact. The book reviews a wide
range of common clinical cases with discussion on core topics. Many new photographs
have enriched the ‘colour atlas’ section while replacing majority of older ones. I expect
that the ‘clinical methods atlas’ section will prove to be immensely helpful for aspiring
students.Dr Arup Kumar Kundu said all the above things to their students and readers, in a hope that you will enjoy his work.

I do believe, bedside medicine still holds strong in the era of high-tech medicine and
this is why I have attempted to write this book dealing with common clinical problems as
well as some fundamental information which the students are expected to know at the
end of their clinical training. Even with the availability of modern gadgets to have advanced  and accurate investigations, clinical examination is very important in reaching a logical  diagnosis. I have retained the original objectives of the book — totally clinically oriented.

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