Comprehensive Textbook Of Medical Physiology

Learning Objectives: Given in the beginning of each chapter to provide the gross content of the topic that have been further divided into ‘Must Know’ category which a student should at least acquire and ‘May Know’ category which a student is desirable to acquire.

Scientist Contribution: The important contributions of the great scientists in the concerned fields have been categorized as Scientist(s) Contributed. This will not only give the information of the development of medicine, but will also inspire the students to take up research in physiology and medicine

Application Boxes: Applied aspects of the topics are highlighted in Application Boxes.
Clinical Boxes: Patient and disease related concepts are highlighted in Clinical Boxes.
Important Note(s): Some important and useful facts are emphasized as Important Note(s).
Presentation: All the important and complex information are structured and presented in a point-wise format to make easy grasp of the topics and to counter all the relevant points.
Flowcharts: All the major concepts are simplified and summarized in the flowcharts.
Schematic Diagrams and Graphs: All the relevant and significant mechanisms and their theories are described with the help of schematic diagrams and graphs.
Structured Tabular Format: Student-needed important data have been presented in a structured tabular format.
Histological Pictures: All the mechanisms that require structural knowledge of a tissue or organ to comprehend the concept have been identified with appropriate histological pictures.
Chapter Summary: All the important topics end with a Chapter Summary that has two parts. The first part, Key Concepts depicts the central theme of the topic, on the other hand the second part, Must Read/Know depicts all the probable long as well as short questions for the theory examination and viva voce. The students will definitely find it very useful.
A comprehensive textbook that has incorporated all the requirements of a medical student imparting the knowledge and skill in the subject, acquiring ingredient needed to write the examination and kindling his or her aspiration to progress in the profession.


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