Hazarika Textbook of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery

Hazarika Textbook of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery is the thoughly rewitten and revised edition of the popular comprehensive textbook of otorhinolaryngology and head–neck surgery that covers theoretical, clinical and practical aspects of the subject, including the recent advances. The text has been improved and modified keeping in view the feedback of the students and the teachers of repute. In this edition new information has been added based on the development in the speciality to keep the book uptodate and contemporary.

It is a unique textbook written in a simple, lucid manner and is a must for every undergraduate medical student who seeks to acquire knowledge in all essential aspects of this subject. The postgraduate students will also find this book useful as a comprehensive preparatory manual for their examinations. The book is full of colour illustrations and clinical material in an atlas form that will be useful for both the students as well as the practitioners. It also covers basic aspects of allied subjects like anaesthesia, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.

Features –

  • This book is the most helpful one that contains solutions and answers to every problem and question that a surgeon would experience while performing surgery.
  • This book doesn’t consist of the old detailed format. Which means that everything present inside the book is in the form of questions and answers and also, things are very easy to find.
  • This is the most sold surgical book which is the favorite of almost on field surgeon who is working.
  • Writing in the book is very coherent and you will never find it difficult to understand anything since everything is written in very easy wordings.



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