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Picmonic have taken what the science shows – picture mnemonics work – and boosted their effectiveness by creating a research-proven learning system filled with memorable characters, unforgettable stories, and built-in quizzing.

It covers thousands of hard-to-learn facts and topics, to help you master the material that healthcare students often struggle to learn. Reduce stress in school while boosting performance on exams and pave your way to professional success.

Key Features of Picmonic –

For years, students have trusted Picmonic to help them remember all of the facts they need to know from Day 1. They include a comprehensive Picmonic Library that covers every major category, topic, and key fact that is difficult to remember and frequently tested along your journey in becoming a healthcare professional.

Access thousands of topics and facts. Study by COURSES, BODY SYSTEMS, TEXTBOOK, and EXAMS.

  • LESS STRESS : You can do this. With Picmonic, students master the facts the first time. This means less time spent reviewing later.
  • BETTER GRADES : Mastery of facts leads to better performance on exams. Use Picmonic to get the grades you deserve.
  • LONGER RETENTION : The Picmonic learning system is research-proven to increase retention 331%, so you can remember more in less time.
  • Built-In Spaced Repetition : What if your study tool could quickly identify where you are weak and recommend the ideal review plan to maximize your performance? Picmonic can be your personal trainer — for your brain. Our intelligent spaced repetition app algorithms automatically adjust your daily study queue to maximize retention.

    Picmonic can help you recall everything you’ve learned not only next week or next month but for years to come with our spaced repetition-based Daily Quizzes and your Home Screen performance tracker.

  • The Perfect Study Resource : Picmonic’s powerful creator tools let you transform Picmonics into the best study app for you. If you want to add topics or facts to our comprehensive library of Picmonics, or if you want to strengthen memory anchors by adding facts, videos or images to existing Picmonics, you can!

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