Ramdas Nayak Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates

This book comprises of 28 parts and is composed into three areas to be specific general pathology, hematology and clinical pathology and fundamental pathology.

Segment 1—General pathology: It gives an outline of the fundamental pathologic instruments basic maladies including cell adjustments, irritation, wound mending, perpetual aggravation, hemodynamic disarranges, immunological scatters, neoplasia, hereditary qualities and nourishing issue.

Area 2—Hematology and clinical pathology: It comprises of turmoil of red cells, issue of white cells and scatters of hemostasis and clinical pathology fundamental for the college understudies. This was an extra segment which was not exhibited in the primary release of the book. With its presentation, this book turns into a total test manual for all understudies. Notwithstanding, understudies are mentioned to experience the second release of the book titled Essentials in Hematology and Clinical Pathology wrote by Dr Ramadas Nayak and Dr Sharada Rai for nitty gritty learning of hematology and clinical pathology.

Area 3—Systemic pathology: It manages fundamental pathology with parts committed to maladies of different organ frameworks including vascular, heart, respiratory, gastrointestinal, liver and biliary tract, pancreas, kidney, male and female genital tract, bones, endocrines, skin and focal sensory system.


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