Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (Nagesh Kumar Rao)

Expanded, revamped and revised completely, with recent advances and current developments. Five major parts with 40 concise chapters, as well as appendices and index covering over 600 pages. Around 700 excellent original coloured photographs and over 500 hundred plain drawings, charts, tables and boxes. More than 1500 references from reputed journals, textbooks and websites. Simple English language with consistency in style. Easy to understand, revise and reproduce to excel in the examinations. Attains working knowledge for future professional sphere. Student friendly text, with least strain to the eyes. Frequent plain/bold and normal/italic fonts with bullets to emphasize credibility. Systematic presentation of coloured heading and subheadings. Fully multi-coloured printing on quality paper, yet reasonably priced. Laws relating to Medical Profession. MCI recommended Syllabus and Examination Methodology. Separate UG and PG Theory and Viva-Voce Question Bank.


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